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Audinate Dante AVIO Adaptors

Dante AVIO Audio Network Adapters now available in Sydney

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Dante AVIO Network Audio Adapters from Sydney company Audinate are a great way to expand your Audio-over-IP infrastructure or replace legacy cabling.

For between $200-300, depending on the model, you can add Analog, AES, Microphone or PC USB audio to your network and talk to devices from hundreds of manufactures using Dante.

Audinate Dante AVIO Adapters

Why the Dante AVIO Network Adapters are so cool

Plug them in, do the setup in Dante Controller and you are moving high-quality low-latency audio across your network in just a couple of minutes. The adapters power directly off your network switch using PoE, or optionally via USB for the ADP-USB-AU-2X2 model.

What more could you ask for? Well, the Audinate branded adapters are also very well-priced, so now there’s no barrier to moving everything in your studio or facility to audio-over-IP.

Try Dante AVIO in our Sydney Showroom

At OnAir Solutions we have an audio/video studio where you can demo the latest equipment.

We’ve built a “media” network in our facility, which allows us to route A/V signals such as DANTE, AES67, NewTek NDI and H264/H265 easily around our office.

If you want to see the Dante AVIO adapters in operation, we can set up a demo using various DANTE devices.

To book a slot in our Sydney showroom, email us at

Need Tech Support?

OnAir Solutions has been working with audio-over-IP for a decade. We can help you with tricky problems such as multicast, switch configuration and network traffic capture with WireShark.

We have DANTE certified technicians on-staff and can provide support in our office or on-site if needed. Audinate don’t offer phone support for the AVIO adapters, so you’ll either need to go to the forums or free to call our support line on 1300 665 995.

TIP: You may need to update to the latest version of Dante Controller – you can grab it from the Audinate site.

Buy Online

You can buy online for a great price from the OnAir Webstore. Allow 1-3 days for delivery, but feel free to call us on +61 2 8882 7766 if you are in a hurry.

Buy Instore

You can also pickup instore from our Sydney Showroom, 2/16 Lexington Drive Bella Vista. Please call ahead to check stock, as the AVIO adapters are a hot item. If we have run out, we can usually get more next day.

We’re located in Sydney’s hills area, just off the M7 motorway with easy parking at our door.

Click here for location details.

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WellAV CMP-200 product image featured

See IPTV streaming with WellAV at Integrate this week

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IPTV systems have quickly replaced traditional RF-based MATV distribution as a way to efficiently move video content on corporate networks.

Ahead of the Integrate show this week in Sydney, OnAir Solutions had a visit from Brown Lin from WellAV, showing off the latest CMP-200 modular IPTV platform.

Brown Lin from WellAV visits OnAir Solutions

The CMP-200 covers a range of IPTV solutions, including:

• Receiving free-to-air DVB-T channels
• Receiving cable and satellite channels with CAM slots for descrambling content
• Encoding HDMI sources for standalone players
• Repackaging streams and services
• Output to both standard MATV (DVB-T) and IP

As a demo exercise, the tech team from OnAir Solutions setup the WellAV CMP-200 to receive off-air TV and retransmit it on our internal network. Pictured is a free-to-air stream playing over our network, using multicast to ensure the stream is only delivered to network ports requesting it.

IPTV streaming provided by WellAV CMP-200

IPTV gives excellent efficiencies, removing the need for RF cabling and utilising existing network cabling. You can easily distribute one hundred channels on a standard office or campus network. IPTV streams can be received on PCs, IP set-top-boxes and some newer Smart TVs.

WellAV CMP-200 input modules

For more information on WellAV solutions see:

Brown Lin from WellAV and Paul Dengate from OnAir Solutions will be at Integrate stand A47 from 22nd-24th August 2018.

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New 12G-SDI Mini-Converters from AJA now shipping!

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At InfoComm 2018 AJA announced 2 new 12G-SDI mini-converters, the Hi5-12G and HA5-12G. These products simplify conversion between 4K/UltraHD HDMI 2.0 and 12G-SDI, with included options for extending signals up to 10km over a single fiber link! The Hi5-12G is now is stock and shipping, with HA5-12G coming soon.

AJA Hi5-12G mini-converter promo image


The next generation of Hi5-4K-Plus, Hi5-12G converts a 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD 12G-SDI single-link input with eight channels of embedded digital audio to an HDMI 2.0 output at rates up to 4:4:4 4K/UltraHD 60p with two or eight channels of audio. Hi5-12G can also generate HDR metadata in accordance with HDMI v2.0b/CTA-861-G. The compact device features a 12G-SDI single-link input with a re-clocked SDI loop out for simpler confidence monitoring or pass on for SDI pipelines.

Fiber SFP-equipped Hi5-12G models include the Hi5-12G-R receiver, which extends HDMI 4K signals over long distances from either an SDI or a Fiber connected source, and the Hi5-12G-TR transceiver, which delivers a 4K/UltraHD SDI or Fiber source signal to an HDMI destination with pass on of the source through SDI or Fiber to a secondary destination. Hi5-12G models include a DWP-U power supply and USB port for firmware updates.


HA5-12G, the next evolution of AJA’s HA5-4K Mini-Converter, allows users to convert an HDMI 2.0 input with up to eight channels of audio from the HDMI source or two-channel analog audio (RCA) to two 12G-SDI single-link outputs with eight or two channels of digital embedded audio. HA5-12G is also capable of analyzing HDR infoframe data coming in over HDMI in accordance with HDMI v2.0b/CTA-861-G. The portable converter includes two SDI DA outputs and transmits 12G-SDI on each SDI link, reducing cable runs when transporting 4K/UltraHD SDI.

Fiber SFP-equipped HA5-12G models include the HA5-12G-T single-channel transmitter, which extends HDMI 4K signals over long distances (10km Single-Mode), and the HA5-12G-2T dual-channel transmitter, offering two 12G-SDI coaxial outputs and two 12G-SDI over Fiber outputs to simultaneously enable HDMI 4K source extension to multiple locations without a distribution amplifier. HA5-12G models include a DWP-U power supply and USB port for firmware updates.

What is 12G-SDI and Why Does it Matter?

As camera and routing technology continues to advance, broadcast and digital cinema grade SDI standards for resolution, frame rate, and color depth have been implemented to handle the increasing bandwidth of uncompressed video signals through the production and post chains.

The majority of production environments utilize 3G-SDI for HD pipelines and a combination of 4x 3G-SDI cables to handle 4K/UltraHD workflows. 12G-SDI simplifies with workflow with a single high bandwidth signal. The good news is that 12G-SDI is fully backwards compatible, simplifies cabling and with the correct tools, you can move your current infrastructure forward smoothly and simply. AJA is here to help ease the transition.

12G-SDI Advantages

12G-SDI offers multiple advantages. As a family of video interfaces standardized by SMPTE, SDI and their related interfaces offer nominal data rates when used for transmission of uncompressed, unencrypted digital video signals within television facilities.

12G-SDI offers eight times the bandwidth of normal HD-SDI and offers the simplicity of single cable connectivity. 12G-SDI has the ability to handle high frame rate and deep color 4K/UltraHD signals over a single cable, including up to 100/120fps. This has major benefits for live events, broadcast studios, on set and live venues when it comes to cable complexity, weight, and troubleshooting with far less points of potential failure in the signal chain. 12G-SDI over optical fiber further increases the distance that 12G can travel, up to 10km.

AJA 12G Solutions

With broadcast technology constantly evolving, AJA is uniquely situated to provide future-proof technology for broadcast, production, post, ProAV, and developer partners in the video industry. AJA now supports 12G-SDI with solutions for editing, transmission over fiber, routing and Mini-Converters to Mux/Demux and distribute 12G-SDI where ever needed. AJA’s 12G-SDI solutions are all data agnostic, so they will continue to function as facilities migrate to HDR workflows and beyond.

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Ctrl for iPad from ON LX

Get Creative With Your LED’s using ELM

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New updates to ENTTEC LED Mapper (ELM)

ENTTEC ELM product image

ENTTEC LED Mapper (ELM) Is the easiest way to pixel map your ideas. Let your creativity soar with the versatility, power and precision of the award-winning ELM ENTTEC LED Mapper. Enjoy total control over your LED system, regardless of shape and size, employing vector-based objects and raster-based media for pure representation of your vision.

ENTTEC has released a new software version of ELM. Evolution is the focus of the new release. The latest update concentrates on improving the really important stuff: optimizing the workflow and making the actual mapping processes faster, which will have untold benefits for all users.

ELM has come a long way over the past 12 months. Since winning the Live Design Lighting Control Software Product of the Year award, it has been enhanced with an audio reactor, countless built-in effects, multiple remote control options and a comprehensive testing tab, which was highly requested by ELM customers.

ELM is used by many lighting professionals throughout the globe for almost every event or installation they undertake. If you haven’t already upgraded, you’ll find the latest version to download on the ENTTEC ELM page, as well as a full rundown on the changes you will encounter here.

Ctrl for iPad

And now if you want to new to access your lighting controls, Ctrl for iPad by ON LX is the first app to fully implement the ENTTEC LED MAPPER (ELM) media picker. Allowing users to remotely control stages and synchronize media in real time.

Use either OSC or HTTP from Ctrl for iPad’s wide range of output commands. You can configure as much or as little of ELM’s functionality to be controlled remotely as you like, without giving end users access to the PC running ELM.

Ctrl for iPad’s ELM module operates on a per-stage basis. Meaning multiple layers of content can be merged from different control sources, making it a perfect solution for any pixel installation. In addition, Ctrl for iPad allows custom branding, user permissions and multi-output support. Making it a perfect front end controller for any installation requiring efficient and in-app editing.

Visit the ON LX Labs website to find out more about Ctrl for iPad, and how you can use it in conjunction with ELM.



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New IDX DUO Series

New DUO Series Batteries from IDX

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IDX has released new V-Lock and Pro Series batteries. The new DUO Compact Series batteries are Lightweight V-mount High-Capacity Batteries with Gold Plated 8-Pin Connector to maximise power output and minimise damage caused by heat. Each Battery houses two D-Taps and one USB to power monitors and transmitters, lights, and more. Both being fully compatible with all ENDURA V-Mount Battery chargers and accessories. IDX has also released 2 new 14.4V batteries for Sony U-type mounts.

We have also updated our website with a new page for IDX products. We are only highlighting a small selection of their product range. let us know if there are any IDX products If you would like more information on other IDX products, please feel free to contact us. You can also go to our webstore to see all currently available IDX products there. We are regularly updating and growing our product range.

Endura DUO C198

Ideal compact battery solution for digital cinema cameras and camera stabilizer systems where long run times are required. With a Capacity of 191Wh and a weight of 2.42 lbs approx. It also has a 11V auto cut-off prevents over-discharging (while load is applied).

Endura Duo C98

Perfect for handheld gimbal and aerial setups. The Duo C98 has a Capacity of 96Wh, With a Weight of 1.41 lbs approx. It is also 1.5 inches in depth, with 5 Power Indicator LEDs (displaying 10% increments).

SB-U98 for Sony U-type Mount

Extra high-capacity 14.4V Lithium Ion battery for Sony U-type mount cameras FS5, FS7, PMW series camcorder, and more.

SB-U50 for Sony U-type Mount

48Wh / 3.3Ah capacity 14.4V Lithium Ion battery for Sony U-type mount cameras FS5, FS7, PMW series camcorder, and more.

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