MultiCAM Systems

MultiCAM Systems

MultiCAM Systems develop innovative solutions for multi-camera video production. Focusing on the broadcast and e-learning markets, MultiCAM Systems offers a wide range of products, with features including advanced video switching capabilities and PTZ camera technologies for applications such as recording, live streaming and podcasting.

MultiCAM’s all-in-one systems let you create content quickly and easily. Just one non-technical person can now produce and live-stream rich-media content by themselves. Education, Radio, Studio, Events… there is a solution for every environment. MultiCAM gives you powerful video live production capabilities for broadcasting, streaming & podcasting at your fingertips!

MultiCAM Systems has recently integrated two-way interactivity into its video production systems. Using the ARES Interactive Media platform developed by MultiCAM Systems partner ARES Interactive Media, streaming media originators can now receive online comments from viewers in real time. These viewers can also ask the host questions as well as participate in online contests and polls during streaming events. The ARES Interactive Media platform also allows show producers to contact viewers during live video streams, and put them “on air” using the viewers’ own web cams.

Below are some of the solutions available from MultiCAM Systems. You can find out more information about MultiCAM products by visiting their website. Please feel free to contact us for more information and pricing on all MultiCAM Systems products.

MultiCAM E-Learning

MultiCAM Systems E-Learning product image

Capture your presentations without technical skills

The MultiCAM E-Learning system allows you to focus on content, not operating the system. The user can use the system simply by clicking on thumbnails to choose where to focus. You can mix different angles and show what is important for the lecture comprehension. As well as use compositions to mix the presenter and the slides of the presentation at one glance.

With camera presets you get more choice of camera shot. Use up to 6 visuals presets for your 2 cameras. Presets can be modified and shots adjust with touch-control. Just drag your finger on the Live program and adjust you shot. All modifications to the camera preset are automatically memorized during the session.

You can switch to the Powerpoint presentation at any time. Using either in full-screen or with a PiP (Picture-in-Picture) effect. The system is compliant with all video online platforms for recording, live streaming and podcasting. One button to stop the recording and start the publishing processes for the podcast.

MultiCAM Tracking

MultiCAM Systems Tracking product image

Capture your presentations without an operator

MultiCAM Tracking detects where the speaker is in real time, with any PTZ camera. You don’t need a tracking device nor any specific cameras! Tracking is done by our software analysis. Once a camera is on-air, the other one is detecting where the speaker is in the space to prepare the next shot. During the setup of MULTICAM TRACKING, you define several angles of shot with the 2 PTZ cameras : large, medium and close values. During the live session, the Artificial Intelligence of the system will choose the best shot according to the tracking detection.

The system can also detect changes in the PC input and switch if new slides are detected. It also detects if the content has a lot of text to read for a longer displaying. The Presentation is also a backup if the teacher is gone or is not detected. For recording, live streaming and podcasting, it’s as simple as using 2 buttons. One button for starting the recording and live streams. And one button to stop the recording and start the publishing processes for the podcast.

MultiCAM Studio

MultiCAM Systems Studio product image

Produce live videos with no training and no post-production

Broadcast technology is no longer dedicated to pro-users. MultiCAM Studio delivers all the features of a broadcast video solution with an intuitive and ergonomic interface. You don’t need to have a strong training and video skills, our solution is touchscreen with only the buttons you need. You can control up to 5 HD-SDI PTZ Cameras, and even more with IP. Just click on the thumbnail to instantly recall the angle of shot. And accurately adjust it with a joystick. With one hand on the touchscreen interface and the other on the joystick, you have the power of 5 people.

Engage your audience with the moderation and social media messages integration. MultiCAM offer a Windows app that allows you to browse, edit and select messages coming from Facebook and Twitter. The system can then automatically display these messages on the live program. MultiCAM Studio is also compliant with all online video platforms.

MultiCAM Conference

MultiCAM Systems Conference product image

Capture your conferences without any human intervention

MultiCAM Conference is integrated with your audio system. Each microphone can be covered by different cameras and shot angles. You define the shots for each microphone. Thanks to the PTZ Cameras support, you can manage up to 128 different shots by cameras. The automated system chooses the right shot by using speaking detection. In real time, an Artificial Intelligence engine selects the best shot, depending of who is speaking. The recalling of the camera preset positions and the switching of cameras is fully automated.

To help visualize your workspace MultiCAM Conference allows you to design your custom room with microphones/seats and camera positions. The workspace lets you easily configuring the system and during the live session. You can also switch to Semi-Automated mode by clicking on a specific microphone to bypass the automated system.

MultiCAM Radio

MultiCAM Systems Radio product image

Broadcast your radio station without any human intervention

MultiCAM Radio’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms choose the best camera preset according to the speaking situation and switch the shot in a natural manner. The live program switching is natural and dynamic. Camera presets positions and switching is fully automated. The Artificial Intelligence engine selects the best shot, depending of who is speaking. The system can receive GPIO or audio levels from an AoIP console so the system focuses on the active speaker.

MultiCAM utilize automated graphic scenes & auto-titling. Just import your logo, choose your fonts and colors and you design the program. Each speaker is automatically titled. You define which scenes will display depending of the now playing event from the automation software. Your broadcast is rich, interactive and dynamic… With no human intervention!

Broadcast your Visual Radio show to many platforms to engage a wider audience. We offer solutions for interactivity and social media networks for the ultimate viewer experience. Engage your audience with the moderation and social media integration. And with the publisher module, you just have to define your publishing workflow. After the recording is complete, all publishing is automated!


MultiCAM Systems



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