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IO Industries Inc., London, ON, Canada (est. 1991), designs and manufactures digital video cameras, digital video recorders and software for applications in aerospace, defense testing, medical, scientific, machine vision, broadcast and cinema.

Flare 2KSDI

IO Industries Flare 2K SDI product image

The Flare™ 2KSDI is built to be completely flexible, yet small enough to fit into a range of specialty applications for both broadcast and cinema. The camera is built on IO Industries’ years of experience with industrial cameras, yet packs in the flexible color processing and optics support required by video professionals. Weighing in at 310g, the 2KSDI is no larger than an average apple. With its solid aluminum housing and flexible lensing options, the 2KSDI quickly becomes known as “the tough little camera that could” on most shoots. Though some professional mini-cams require a separate camera control unit, all of the 2KSDI’s functions can be set directly on the camera head.

The Flare™ 2KSDI supports Single-Link HD-SDI output formats such as 720p, 1080p, 1080i and 2K. Single-Link 3G-SDI formats are supported as well, including 1080p and 2K. A tri-level sync input is available for 3D and Genlock capabilities.

Flare 4KSDI

IO Industries Flare 4K SDI product image

The first compact 4K/UHD camera head designed to fit where larger cameras cannot. But despite its size, this small form factor camera has the capability to deliver the high-quality imagery demanded by industry professionals. The extensive feature set makes the Flare™ 4KSDI easy to deploy in either live event broadcasts or scripted productions.

The tough aluminum chassis includes rugged mounting points on all sides, proving it really can be placed anywhere. Multiple interchangeable lens mounts are available including Arri PL, Nikon F and Canon EF, allowing a range of familiar lenses to be used. The 4KSDI camera uses an interchangable mounting system, which allows the camera operator to switch between lens mounting types. Additional lens mounts are offered as accessories from IO Industries, and also provided by third party vendors. Each of the passive mounts from IO Industries includes (7) back-focus shims, and also a hex key for changing the mount.

DVR Express Core 2

IO Industries Core 2 product image

With image sensor resolutions and frame rates always advancing, digital video data rates continue to climb.  The original DVR Express® Core was able to record video at data rates up to 680 MB/s, which was adequate for many but not all situations.  With the new design advancements and ultra-fast solid state VidIO Drive Modules, the DVR Express Core 2 can record at data rates up to 1620 MB/s – more than twice the speed of its predecessor!  This is matched to the maximum input rates of the Camera Link and SDI models, however some CoaXPress cameras may exceed this rate, in which case the DVR Express Core 2 MAX may be required.

The DVR Express Core 2 can record from up to four cameras simultaneously, simplifying multi-camera recording applications such as motion capture, stereoscopic imaging, volumetric particle tracking and more.  As well, built-in synchronization tools allow accurate alignment of each camera’s exposure, provided the cameras support such features.  External frame synchronization signals can be connected to the Auxiliary I/O port of the Core 2, or signals can be generated internally using the Signal Generator tools.  Timestamps can be applied to the images based on the exposure trigger point or any time thereafter.

DVR Express Core 2 MAX

IO Industries Core 2 MAX product image

With image sensor resolutions and frame rates always advancing, digital video data rates continue to climb.  The DVR Express® Core 2 can record video at data rates up to 1620 MB/s, but for the ultimate in high-speed recording, the DVR Express Core 2 MAX can record at data rates up to 2240 MB/s!  This meets or exceeds the rates of any combination of video cameras that can be connected at once.  This extreme recording speed is only possible when the Core 2 MAX has six high-speed VidIO Drive Modules installed.  With this capability you can record four separate high-speed cameras or one very fast camera, such as one with four CoaXPress CXP-6 outputs.

Timing can be everything when it comes to video analytics. Understanding the precise time when a frame is captured allows a better correlation of imagery to other data sources, such as telemetry systems,  environmental sensors, or other DVR systems in other locations.  DVR Express Core 2 MAX includes IRIG-A/B inputs as a standard feature, to synchronize with many formats of IRIG timing signals found in major test facilities and airborne platforms.  As well, an optional high-accuracy GNSS receiver can be installed, allowing independent synchronization with not only GPS, but also GLONASS, Galileo or BeiDou satellite navigation systems.

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