Sonifex is a Private Limited Company, which manufactures broadcast audio equipment for the radio, TV, security and telecommunications industries. It is a family business that has established a recognized position in the radio broadcasting industry. Sonifex operates a quality system and has achieved ISO9002 status.

The constant need to innovate is an integral part of the Sonifex culture. Combining healthy and outward-looking ideas with sound and efficient design practices. Sonifex is consolidating its position in the broadcasting and security industries by expanding its research and development efforts in order to offer new designs of equipment reflecting the quality and reliability that is expected by its customers.


The Redbox Range of Products

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Manufactured to the highest standards in our UK offices, utilization of the finest components and critical quality control techniques ensure that your Redboxes will work every time for years to come.

Each Redbox is tested twice by skilled audio engineers, before being carefully assembled and packed. The Redbox range of products are “fit and forget” because you can set them up, fit them in your installation and then forget about them – they won’t trouble you.

Features of the Redbox range:

  • All are equipped with IEC mains lead and instruction manual.
  • In-house design and manufacture ensures high quality control standards.
  • All units are 115V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz switchable and all have a front panel LED power indicator.
  • Manufactured within ISO9000 standards and guaranteed CE compliant.
  • Housed in eye catching red anodised aluminium cases.

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Reference Monitor Range of Rack-Mount Audio Monitors

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The Reference Monitor Range is a new series of rack-mount audio monitors, combining the latest DSP technology with outstanding audio enclosure design to produce monitors of the highest standards with exceptional sound quality, a comprehensive feature set and good looks in the rack.

Uniquely an embedded 5 band parametric EQ allows you to configure the monitor for your environment or to suit your listening tastes.

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SignalLED Range of RGB LED Signs For Studios

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The SignalLED range of illuminated RGB LED signs are a new range of signs designed for outside recording, on-air & production studios, meeting rooms, conference rooms and for fixed installations. The sign itself contains the control electronics, and RGB LEDs are used, so the signs can be simply configured onsite for your particular requirements.

  • Low power consumption, only 4W.
  • Maintenance free, LED lighting.
  • Multi-coloured RGB LEDs offering 9 different colours.
  • Sign can be made to flash, pulse, fade and be on or off.
  • Flush-mounting as standard or end/ceiling-mounting with kits.
  • 20cm (8”) or 40cm (16”) widths or 2 x 20cm (2 x 8”).
  • Custom signs can be etched with company logos, different wording or graphics.
  • 2 x GPIs for control from a light switch, or fader GPO (pull down to 0V).
  • Supplied as standard as red/green switching.
  • Use separate remote control (LD-RPC) to program the colour, switching mode or brightness.
  • Supplied complete with fixings & DC power supply.

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CM-CU21 Commentator Unit 2 Commentators & 1 Guest

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The CM-CU21 is a high quality, portable Commentator Unit. Its sturdy construction and flexibility of features make it suitable for use in a wide variety of environments.

It provides two fully featured commentator positions and a third guest position that can alternatively be used as a line-level input. Each position has an individual output, with two additional outputs providing a mix of all active commentary channels. A limit indicator on the main panel shows when the adjustable limiter on the mix outputs is active, and a bright 21 segment LED PPM meter, which can be disabled, shows the main output level.

Features of the CM-CU21 Commentator Unit:

  • 2 Commentator positions plus a guest position, each with individual outputs; plus 2 mix outputs.
  • Talkback outputs selectable by the two main commentators, with built in limiter.
  • 4 Return audio circuits that are routed to headphones along with all the commentator inputs. Any source can be individually level controlled and sent to left, right or both ears.
  • A wide input gain range and switchable phantom power on each commentary position allows support of a variety of microphone types including low output ribbon, headsets and high output phantom powered microphones.
  • Individually switched 48V phantom power on all microphone inputs.
  • User preset adjustable limiter on main mix outputs with limit activity indication.
  • Built in line-up tone for initial cabling checks.
  • 21 Segment LED PPM meter showing main output level.
  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs.
  • Fitted formica ‘Sharpie’ designation strips.
  • Robust mechanical design with protection for potentiometer knobs.
  • Universal AC mains, or 12-24 volt DC power.


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