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Wellav Technologies is a leading global provider of professional video delivery solutions. The company is committed to developing and manufacturing  world-class and best-value video processing and monitoring equipment and solutions to help video service providers address real business challenges in video distribution via HFC and IP-based network. Through innovation and cutting-edge technologies, Wellav continues to provide a full range of digital headend equipment, STBs and value-added solutions to meet the growing demands of pay-tv services such as multi-screen, IPTV/OTT and VOD.

WellAV and Sencore have signed a strategic cooperation agreement on complementary product line completion of both sides, sharing of service support all over the world and customer resources. Together with Sencore, the company’s global services and support organizations are providing system integration and technical expertise to support more than 2000 CATV, FTTH, Satellite/Terrestrial, IPTV/OTT, Broadband/ADSL service providers to deliver high-quality video programs to millions of viewers around the world.

Below is a small selection of equipment that is available from WellAV. Please contact us for more information. Or visit the WellAV website for a full list of their products


WellAV DMP Digital Media Platform product image

Digital Media Platform

The DMP900, with Wellav’s most advanced technologies, offers you a compact and reliable headend with comprehensive video delivery solutions. It serves as your ideal long-term and stable head-end system with it’s high scalability and redundancy

  • Any input to any output
  • Compact modular design: 1RU with 6 modules
  • Powerful data processing
  • Redundancy and hot swappable

Any-in Any-out modular system
Equipped with different modules. DMP can Support any combination of receiving, descrambling, encoding, transcoding, scrambling, multiplexing, modulation, and IP/ASI turn around.

Ensures Long-term Stability of Services
DMP support 1+1 or N+M backup for programs, modules, and units. With hot swappable and dual redundant power supply design, it also supports 24×7 hour non-stop operation.

Saves Maintenance and Upgrade Cost
Hot-swappable and modular design make it convenient for users to replace faulty modules or add new modules without shutting off current programs. WellAV constantly upgrades modules to ensure that users can rapidly respond to market requirements by upgrading modules only.


WellAV DMP and SMP Module System product image

On DMP and SMP, you can combine different modules as your head-end system according to your operation requirements. WellAV keep developing new modules, like the new HEVC encoder/transcoder. You can satisfy your future needs by simply upgrading or replacing modules.

Receiving/Decoding Modules
Highly sensitive and stable reception. With up to 4 channels of high density reception in one module.

  • DVB-S/S2
  • DVB-C
  • DVB-T/T2
  • ATSC
  • ISDB-T
  • IP/ASI

De/scramble Module

  • Scrambling for DVB(CAS) & IPTV(AES)
  • CI module for 2 CAM slot

Transcoding Module

  • MPEG2 <-> H264
  • UHD -> HD -> SD down scale
  • Dense low bit-rate transcoder

TS Transmission

  • Several I/O choices: ASI, DS3, IP(RJ45&SFP)
  • Single/Multiple play, single/multiple program streams, IGMPv1/2/3, VLAN
  • UDP/RTP/RTSP/HLS etc. networking features
  • Flexible I/O settings
  • Comprehensive port backup mechanism
  • FEC, RS correction and PCR de-jittering signal amplification technique

Encoding Module

  • Efficient, stable, low power consumption
  • MPEG2/H264/AVS+/HEVC encoding/transcoding output
  • CVBS analog and SDI, HDMI input
  • Supports all audio formats (MPEG1L2, AAC, AC3, DRA) and multiple-audio encoding.
  • Supports up to 8-channel SD transcoding and 4-channel HD encoding

Signal Modulating Module

  • High density modulation of up to 16 channels per module
  • Non-adjacent modulation for effortless program deployment
  • Excellent signal modulation output (MER > 43dB)

SMP Encoders

WellAV SMP Encoding Platform product image

Cost-effective Encoding Platform

The SMP Platform is professional and affordable hardware based encoders in a compact design. Includes IP and ASI outputs with embedded multiplexing.

3 different models available:

  • SMP210E – 12ch SD Encoder (CVBS)
  • SMP220E – 6ch HD Encoders (SDI\CVBS)
  • SMP270E – 12ch HD Encoders (HDMI)


WellAV UMH160R Professional integrated receiver decoder product image

Professional integrated receiver decoder

The WellAV UMH160R is a powerful and cost-effective broadcast level decoder. It supports signal receiving, multi-channel descrambling, multiplexing, external table/data insertion, transcoding and transmodulating.

  • Dual-tuner receiving with DVB-C/S2/T2, ISDBT, ATSC
  • Output base-band, SDI, ASI, IP, QAM
  • Reliable design and remote control
  • SD/HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 4:2:0, 8 bit, up to 1080i 2 stereo audio pair


WellAV OMP500 Real-time Encoding/Transcoding Platform diagram

Multi-service Real-time Encoding/Transcoding Platform

The WellAV OMP500 is an extremely flexible and highly efficient server-based real-time transcoder. Compared with common open-source H.264/MPEG-2 encoders/transcoders, OMP500 employs the global leading video compression algorithm to help users transmit quality video with limited bandwidth.

Flexible and Powerful

  • Supports normal or multi–screen transcoding mode
  • Support various DVB, IPTV and OTT transport protocols
  • Pre-processing for enhanced video quality
  • Support MPEG-2, H.264 and the latest HEVC formats
  • Powerful audio processing  (various formats, multiple audio, pure audio mode and volume adjustment)
  • Text/graph/caption overlay
  • Modular design and future-proof


WellAV NB100 StreamCast product image

StreamCast is a profession portable encoder. Users acn encode programs to H.264 through connectors such as HDMI, SDI, component, AV for live broadcast over IP or transmission after modulation. StreamCast can also make high-quality program files for saving or future editing.

NB100 Main Features:

  • Compact, lightweight and all-in-one design
  • H.264 SD/HD and MPEG2 SD quality video encoder
  • MPEG, AAC and AC3 audio encoding
  • HDMI, CVBS, Component inputs
  • HD/SD-SDI input (Optional)
  • Rich IP streaming protocol support including UDP/RTP multicast or unicast, HLS-OTT, RTMP and RTSP
  • QAM Annex A/C digital cable RF output (Optional)

NB100 Applications & Advantages:

  • Low cost streaming appliance with analog and digital inputs; QAM output optional
  • Targets Healthcare, Education and Training, Hospitality and Digital Signage markets
  • Suitable for IPTV, streaming of live meetings, feeding IP based multiviewers, streaming to live platforms like Youtube & Wowza


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