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Since 1979, Logitek has been an innovator in broadcast audio. The first in North America to offer a router-based digital console, Logitek today makes Networked Audio Consoles that run on Audio Over IP technologies. Logitek designs and manufactures products for the broadcast and pro-audio industry. They design and develop their digital products in house and rely on local manufacturers for cost efficient fabricating according to specifications. Final assembly and quality control are done in house before shipping.

International customers include the major US TV networks CBS and NBC; cable networks CNN, ESPN, The Disney Channel, HBO, TCI and Prime Star Division, DirecTV. In Hollywood, Lucas Film, Sony and Warner Brothers use Logitek equipment.

For more information on Logitek Audio systems can work for you, please contact us. Or visit the Logitek website for more information.

About Logitek Australia & Logitek Asia

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Logitek Australia (a division of OnAir Solutions Pty Ltd) was formed in 2007 to distribute Logitek Electronic Systems (US) in Australia and to assist Logitek Electronic Systems (US) with sales and services in the Asia Pacific Region.

Logitek Australia builds on skills and knowledge of Logitek systems dating back to 2001, and is recognised by Logitek Electronic Systems (US) as the leading dealer in the world. In fact, Logitek Australia is the only dealer to be licensed to use the Logitek name and logo.

Our staff have been involved in many Logitek system deployments, including an 8-Engine system at Sport 927 in Melbourne, a 3-Engine system at SKY Sports Radio and many regional stations. Key personnel were involved in the first Logitek installation for ABC at Ballarat in 2003. Many years later that detailed knowledge is still on-board providing a high-level of customer service and support.


Logitek Audio Engines

JetStream Mini

Jetstream Mini product image

The JetStream Mini is an integrated console engine and AoIP routing platform. It handles console functions as well as audio routing duties. One JetStream Mini can handle up to 128 digital or analog inputs/outputs of your choice. It includes 24 mix-minus busses (assignable to any fader of any Logitek console connected to the router); 9 program busses; 32 channels of stereo audio shared between 1 to 3 Logitek consoles; EQ and dynamics processing assignable to any fader; fader input metering with audio level alarms; smooth digital mixing and triggering. StudioHub+™ inputs may be directly connected; breakouts are also available for DB25, XLR, BNC (digital I/O) and punch blocks.

Direct network transfer of audio from hard-disk playout systems is available via the JetNet network conduit.

The JetStream Mini offers seamless interoperability with many video routers, edit systems (D/ESAM) and program automation control systems.

JetStream Plus

Logitek Jetstream Plus product image

The JetStream Plus brings Logitek’s Dense Node Architecture to the forefront with 240 channels that can manage audio networking while minimizing Ethernet complexity. Fifteen card slots are provided for analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs, digital outputs, SDI inputs and microphone preamps. A drop-down front panel makes it easy to access cards, and redundant power supplies ensure robust performance.

Up to three Logitek consoles (a total of 36 faders) may be operated via a single JetStream Plus. The unit also handles routing, mix-minus generation, profanity delay, audio processing and other essential audio functions. A touch screen on the front panel provides easy access to meters, controls and status functions.

  • Ultra-high-density I/O in only four rack units
  • Supports the latest IP and Ethernet protocols
  • 12 GPI inputs and 12 GPI outputs (on 2 DB-25 connectors)
  • 24 mix-minus busses
  • Embedded microprocessor for operation of system and Logitek virtual applications
  • Direct network transfer of audio from hard-disk playout systems via JetNet network conduit instead of sound cards
  • Interfaces to popular TV program automation control systems
  • Smooth digital mixing, one-button triggers, multiple busses

Logitek Jetlink product image

Send And Receive Broadcast Quality Audio With A Laptop

JetLink is a new software solution to send broadcast quality audio from point to point. Sign up now for the Free Public Beta of JetLink to send and receive audio in real time between two Windows computers over a LAN, WAN, or the public internet.


Logitek Control Surfaces


product image

Our most economical console, the Pilot offers a simple ‘learning curve’ for novice operators while providing a suite of controls that experienced operators will enjoy. Available in multiples of six faders (from 6 to 18), the Pilot offers full access to the sources available on a JetStream or Audio Engine along with simple bus selection and intuitive monitor controls. When combined with the JetStream Mini AoIP platform, the Pilot provides a cost-effective way for your facility to implement IP audio routing and mixing. The Pilot is housed in an attractive desktop frame that can be easily moved out of the way when not needed.


product image

Powered by the Logitek JetStream AoIP Audio Networking platform, the Mosaic is presented in a streamlined, desktop-friendly design that allows you to move the board out of the way when not needed. Consoles are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 24 faders, with 2 options for meter bridges. Bright, easily read OLED screens are used throughout for source identification and confidence metering; illuminated rotary controls and programmable backlighting for on/off and selector buttons allow custom color-coding for operators and easy operation in any type of studio lighting.


Logitek Audio Helix Radio control surface

Helix is the modern new audio console from Logitek. Tap or swipe on Helix’s brilliant touchscreens to change sources, make bus assignments, or add EQ and dynamics to sweeten the mix. When your eyes need to be elsewhere while on the air, motorized faders and large on/off buttons make it easy to mix audio eyes-free.

  • 7″ touchscreens integrated into each module
  • 6 to 24 motorized faders (in increments of 6)
  • Monitor module with control room, headphone, guest/studio, and cue controls
  • Integrated profanity delay controls for delay line built into the JetStream audio router
  • 1 stereo program bus, 8 stereo aux buses
  • EQ, dynamics controls available at every fader
  • 24 mix minus buses
  • Interfaces to popular automation systems via AoIP

Helix Studio

Logitek Audio Helix TV Surface Studio control surface

The Helix Studio, a virtual console designed to work with the Microsoft Surface Studio, comes in either a TV or Radio version to put your console on a sheet of glass.

Control multiple faders at once with the multi-touch interface. Helix Studio can either be purchased separately with a JetStream audio router in lieu of a physical console, or the software license comes included with the purchase of either the Helix TV or Helix Radio consoles. (Microsoft Surface Studio not included.)


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