Integrate Live Video Guests From Anywhere in the World

LiveToAir can help transform your video productions, allowing you to integrate live video guests from anywhere in the world. From bringing in live video call feeds from remote locations, to interviewing experts, to connecting with reporters out in the field, LiveToAir gives you a professional, all-in-one “remote guest” solution.

LiveToAir is the industry’s only fully-packaged solution to provide multiple simultaneous WebRTC based connections managed via a single, integrated live production console.

LiveToAir offers the simplicity, control, and reliability demanded by today’s live production environments and can support up to four simultaneous video calls with a common return feed from the studio. Or LiveToAir can support three simultaneous video calls each with their own independent return feed from the studio.

All video calls have SDI Outputs with independent video and audio adjustments for each session, and SDI Inputs for the return video feeds.


Extend Your TriCaster™ Based Productions with LiveToAir™

With LiveToAir, GnuralNet is proud to bring a new category of product to the growing list of solutions from the NewTek Partner Ecosystem.

NewTek’s TriCaster Line of multi-camera production systems have long set the standard for power and innovation in the video production market.

By adding LiveToAir to their TriCaster-based studios, producers can now easily integrate up to four connected guests into their productions. The individual computers formerly required for every guest connection, each with expensive DVI to SDI converters, video input adapters, and fragile external analog audio wiring, can now be replaced with a single HD-SDI based appliance, running a sophisticated application built on the WebRTC, with a feature set and interface optimized for live production environments.

LiveToAir interface

With LiveToAir it is now easy to:

  • Manage up to four connected guests through a single, intuitive operator interface
  • Monitor all video signal coming from remote guests, and being sent to the studio
  • Return a video feed from the studio to all of the attached guests
  • Provide each guest with an internally generated Mix-Minus audio feed combined with studio audio
  • Fine tune each guest channel with individual audio and video adjustments:
    • Easily set and manage send and return audio levels
    • Dial-in perfect lip-sync using the built in adjustable audio delay
    • Optimize guest video with gamma and contrast adjustments
    • Achieve perfect framing with controls for video zoom and position.
  • Bring each guest On-Air / Off-Air either independently or as a group
  • Have the control room interact with Off-Air guests via direct video/audio connections
  • Reconnect dropped connections in the background while the last frame sent remains On-Air
  • MUTE each guest channel via a single button whenever the need arises


Supercharge your TriCaster Livesets™ with our new ‘Quad-Feed’ capability

In addition to providing four individual full resolution HD-SDI feeds for each guest, LiveToAir also provides a single Quad-feed, combining all of the individual guest feeds into quarter-resolution quadrants of a single HD-SDI feed.

LiveToAir with Tricaster

This Quad-feed can be used to create multi-box effects that combine the video of all remote guests along with video feeds from inside the studio. You can now create multi-box LiveSets sets with up to five participants on a TriCaster 410, 460, or 860, and with up to seven participants on the TriCaster 8000. When used along the four full-resolution feeds of the remote guests, directors can easily switch between multi box and single guest shots – no special layering or difficult setups required.






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