MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Solutions has over 40 years of experience serving the broadcast and video production communities worldwide. MultiDyne leads the industry in pioneering signal conversion and fiber-optic-based transport systems for the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, surveillance, teleconferencing, and Pro AV markets.

The company’s highly configurable, durable, format-flexible and feature-rich solutions service the continually evolving needs of local studios, network facilities, mobile trucks, live event venues, and enterprise organizations. MultiDyne continues to expand on its existing product families with new ultra-compact, lightweight systems; and innovate for new growth areas, including IP-based transport and delivery networks.

Below is a selection of products that are available from MultiDyne. Please contact us for more information, or visit the MultiDyne website to see all their available products.


MultiDyne Dogbone product image

The DogBone series is an ultra-compact rugged suite of fiber transport products. The DogBone is currently available for 12G and 3G SDI transport, sync, as well as Ethernet. The SDI transport is available as a single, dual, and bi-directional transceiver. In addition, the Ethernet extender comes with a two-channel switch built in. Ideal for harsh environment, throw down applications, the Dog Bone is the perfect fit for fixed installs as well as for emergency patches. 

  • Compact and Rugged Fiber Transport/Conversion
  • One or Two 12G and 3G SDI Models
  • Genlock/Sync Model
  • Ethernet Fiber Converter
  • Single Fiber
  • Locking Power Connector
  • Rack Mountable

HD-6 Pack

MultiDyne HD-6000 product image

The HD–6Pack series has been designed for OB operators and anyone who needs to trunk multiple uncompressed SDI signals over fiber. Never before has a multi–channel SDI–over–fiber system been so easy to use AND so portable. In just one RU, you can transport up to 18 SDI signals up to 3Gbps without compression on a few as just three singlemode fibers. The HD–6Pack’s use LED’s to indicate signal presence and optical link status.

  • 6 to 18 SDI signals on 6 or ONE fiber
  • Fiber transport from 125Mbps to 3Gbps
  • Supports SMPTE 424M, 292M, 259M, 310M, 344M, 305M & DVB-ASI
  • Equalizes 120m of Gepco VSD2001 or Belden 1694A cable at 3 Gb/sec
  • Optional OLED display for system status and reclocking on/of
  • Easy access to installed fiber infrastructures

HD-3500 Series

MultiDyne HD-3500 series product image

The HD-3500 series offers multi-rate HD-SDI fiber optic transport with options for multiple audio, intercom and bi-directional data over a single fiber, with high definition transport up to 1080p 3G HD-SDI, uncompressed. The HD-3500 series is the perfect tool for POV/PTZ and other applications requiring a mix of analog and digital signals, in a very small package.

MultiDyne’s HD-3500 series gives broadcasters and A/V professionals an innovative solution for moving high definition video as well as analog or AES audio, intercom, GPIO’s and tally. The data and GPIO channels can be used to control equipment in remote locations, and the tally relay can be used to control a camera tally light. The system has audio inputs for two channels of outbound digital AES audio or four analog audio channels with two more bi-directional audio channels for 4-wire intercom.


MultiDyne Comms-300 product image

The COMMS-300 and the openGear version, Intercom units provides a means to interface between two channels of 2-wire party-line intercom audio and two channels of 4-Wire analog line-level signals. The unit is capable of performing auto nulling for each channel with the push of a button. In addition, each of the 4-Wire input and output channel levels are monitored and displayed on easy to understand front panel VU meters. With the flip of a switch the unit can be a +28VDC party-line voltage power source while providing the 200 ohm intercom audio termination on both channels. If so desired, the party-line source and termination can be removed by just flipping the switch back. The unit can also be configured to work with either RTS party-line or Clear Com party-line equipment with the flip of a front panel control switch. This switch adjusts the output gain between the party line circuitry and the 4 Wire line level circuitry depending on which type of units one is interfacing with Auto nulling is done to achieve maximum return loss between the 4 Wire input and the 4 Wire output channels.

The Intercom unit contains four 5-segment LED VU meters on the front panel. The first set displays the 4 Wire input levels for Channel 1 as well as the 4 Wire output levels for Channel 1. The second set of VU meters display the input and output levels associated with Channel 2. The OG-Comms is fully openGear compatible, an indutry standard card frame, fully SNMP controlable and monitorable through DashBoard insutry standard software. The openGear frame also offers redundant power supplies. By adding the MultiDyne OG-Comms Audio fiber trasport card, a partiline can be extended over fiber.

  • Rugged Portable Design
  • Rack Mountable
  • Ideal for interface to Fiber Transpot
  • Auto Null
  • Supplies party-line power up to 6 Belt Packs
  • RTS and ClearCom compatrible
  • Ideal for Belt Pack Fiber extension or matrix
  • Porable, Rack mount and openGear versions


MultiDyne SMPTE-Hut product image

The new SMPTE–HUT system is a universal camera transceiver designed to free cameras from the limitations of hybrid cabling. Not only will you achieve incredible transmission distances, but you will also benefit from the absence of RF, EMI and grounding issues, faster set and strike times and lighter OB Vans, B–units and cable shipments. This plug and play system can be used both as a passive, unpowered system where local power must be supplied to the camera head or as a powered system where the camera end device actually powers the camera head over up to 1000m of 9.2mm SMPTE hybrid cable. With either powering scheme, at the CCU end is a small adapter that accepts the hybrid cable from the CCU. Units can be located up to 10km part using two single-mode fibers either within tactical cables or within an installed fiber backbone. The system works by “tricking” the CCU into seeing a physical copper connection between it and the camera. And since the system is optically passive, the two fibers can be routed through our EOS–4000 Optical Router or CWDM multiplexed with our FS–6000 for up to three camera systems on just one fiber. The SMPTE–HUT system. Extend the range of your HD camera systems, reduce weight and save time and money. Designed and manufactured in New York.

  • Operate SMPTE cameras on plain single-mode fiber
  • Take advantage of installed fiber backbone
  • Extend distance without sacrificing performance
  • Carry less hybrid fiber
  • Choice of optical connectors
  • Can provide camera power for up to 1Km
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