For over 40 years, Aphex has been designing and manufacturing unique analog audio equipment for the recording studio, broadcast, live and installation industries.

Aphex is known for its high-quality builds and patented analog circuits, most notably the Exciter circuit which has been audio engineer’s ‘secret weapon’ for over four decades, effortlessly transforming lifeless, dull audio into ear candy.

Aphex aims to create timeless analog solutions for pure sonic quality.


320D Compellor

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The 320D Compellor is a 2-channel automatic analog level controller with analog and digital I/O. It contains Aphex’s patented compression technology using 3 discrete gain controllers in combination: a frequency-discriminate leveller, a compressor and a limiter, working simultaneously to invisibly control the dynamics of the audio stream delivering the perfect experience for your audience. A staple in broadcast studios for decades, the 320D provides audio level control with unprecedented sound transparency meaning there is never pumping or other audio artifacts, just natural sound that is evenly consistent in loudness. Some Compellors have been in 24-hour use in the same rack for a decade or longer so when you specify a Compellor, you know it will do its job flawlessly time and time again.


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Since its introduction in 1975, close to a million Aphex Aural Exciters have found their way into recording studios, broadcast facilities, FOH and DJ rigs and installation setups. The latest iteration, the Aphex Exciter, is a 2-channel signal enhancement unit designed for extremely powerful broad stroke signal enhancement of the high and low end of your audio. The Big Bottom adds deep, powerful low-frequency punch without unwanted level boost that comes from traditional EQs and also includes a musical optical compressor for dynamics control. The Aural Exciter brings out detail, clarity and presence, dramatically increasing speech intelligibility.



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The Aphex Channel is an all-inclusive analog channel strip featuring our beautiful patented hybrid tube mic preamp and all the necessary analog processing to shape and transform your mic signals. No matter what source you use it on, recording with the Aphex Channel will impart analog depth, openness and presence to your mic signals. The Aphex Channel features our low noise solid state/tube hybrid patented RPA mic pre which is clean and transparent with a hint of analog colour. It also contains our automatic Easyrider VCA compressor, a logic assisted gate, split band de-esser, a musical parametric EQ and our patented Exciter circuit to enhance the high and low end of your signal.



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The IN2 is a USB interface conceived as an all-inclusive desktop recording solution providing all the necessary features and controls to make your creative vision come to life. The IN2 features 2 Class A mic preamps which sound clean, open and transparent, 2 high-quality high-Z inputs for recording guitar, bass and keyboards and optical compressors in each channel which help control the dynamics of your input signal. With tons of unique features not found in other 2-channel interfaces, it’s the perfect solution for singer/songwriters, guitarists or anyone needing studio quality recordings in a portable desktop package. Simply plug in and get recording!


HeadPod 4

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We designed the HeadPod 4 to be the complete 4-channel headphone amplifier solution with more volume, better clarity and extra connectivity options not featured in any other headphone amplifier on the market. The rugged metal chassis contains 4 high-power amplifiers with individual volume controls delivering clean, clear and undistorted sound at any level, ideal for long periods of listening without ear fatigue. The Aphex HeadPod 4 gives you balanced and unbalanced TRS analog inputs as well as S/PDIF digital input for even more flexibility. Whether you’re a musician, audio engineer, broadcaster or just over old, tired headphone outputs, the HeadPod 4 is for you.



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The Aphex Model 120B is a high performance 4-channel audio distribution amplifier with a single XLR balanced input and 4 electronically servo-balanced outputs making it ideal for distributing audio in multi-zone installed applications. The transformer-less, servo-balanced design will output clean, undistorted audio with an extremely flat frequency response, free from ringing or overshoot with negligible noise and hum. If you need additional outputs several Model 120B units can be daisy chained together using the loop through output, perfect for multi-zone audio distribution. Not only can the Model 120B distribute audio but also SMPTE time code in audio production facility applications.



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The 124B is an Audio Level Interface designed to allow use of -10dBV consumer hi-fi equipment with +4 line level pro-audio gear. It provides an extremely clean, reliable two-way buffer to connect the two levels so that both systems can operate at optimal performance, matching impedances and operating levels. The Aphex 124B solves connection problems through its simple, high-quality design removing distortion and instability that can result when gear is not correctly connected together. The Aphex Model 124B features stereo inputs and outputs for both the balanced and unbalanced connections.



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The Aphex 141b is a workhorse digital to analog converter that allows you to easily expand the analog outputs of your setup, perfect for summing mixing. This small form factor ½ rack unit converts a digital signal on an ADAT input into 8 line level analog signals on a D-Sub connection. It features Aphex’s high-quality and transparent audio conversion with sample rates 44.1KHz and 48kHz available.


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