Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

0 Preface
0.1 This document covers general privacy and security issues when doing business with OnAir Solutions.
0.2 OnAir Solutions is not bound by the National Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). However, we have referenced these in determining our privacy policy.
0.3 OnAir Solutions respects your privacy, and the right for you to choose if and how you wish to be contacted by us.0.4 OnAir Solutions operates a website at
1 Collection (NPP1)
1.1 OnAir Solutions collects information as necessary to provide a service to you.
1.2 OnAir Solutions may also collect information when it is voluntarily provided by you for the purposes of discussing our services.
1.3 Other companies (our clients) may provide information about you as a referral, if their privacy policies and relationship with you or your company permit them to do so.
1.4 We may also purchase mailing list information from a provider or broker of such information.
1.5 In using our general website (excluding online transactions), we do not use any personally identifiable information.
1.6 Cookies and session IDs may be used on our website. Except for online transactions, cookies and session IDs do not allow us to identify you or your company personally.
1.7 When performing online transactions (eg purchases) on our website, we may require personally identifiable information to perform or complete the transaction.
2 Use & Disclosure (NPP2)
2.1 OnAir Solutions uses information to provide and promote services to you, and as part of doing business with you.
2.2 All contact information and lists are kept confidential, and will not be sold to other companies.
2.3 We may use information as part of direct marketing communications with you, unless you have told us you do not wish to receive such communication.
2.4 If you have provided us with contact information, OnAir Solutions may contact you by phone, fax, post or Email for the purposes of promoting services and products that may be of interest.
2.5 If you do not wish to be contacted for marketing, please inform us of this preference.
2.6 While you continue to be a customer, we may still contact you as required to conduct business, for example to send invoices or statements, or alert you to rate changes.
2.7 Your IP address and browser type is logged when you access our site. We may use this information to provide website usage statistics.
2.8 We may also use website log files to investigate security breaches.
2.9 We do not conduct marketing using SMS messages. We may use SMS messages, where you have given us permission, for providing support or transaction related inform for your benefit.
3 Data Quality (NPP3)
3.1 OnAir Solutions takes reasonable steps to make sure that the personal information collected, used or disclosed is accurate, complete and up-to-date.
4 Data Security (NPP4)
4.1 When ordering goods and services, supplying payment details or providing other confidential information, we use SSL browser security to encrypt the transaction.
4.2 Please ensure the browser “padlock” is illuminated, and your browser displays when performing secure transactions.
4.3 We do not store credit card or other payment details longer than is necessary to complete the transaction.
4.4 During the period credit card details are stored, we have used reasonable efforts to secure this information and prevent unauthorised access.
4.5 Our computer networks are reasonably protected from unauthorised access through the use of passwords, file and directory security, and firewalls.
5 Openness (NPP5)
5.1 This document is publicly available from our website, If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our privacy officer, listed at the end of this policy.
6 Access and correction (NPP6)
6.1 We will provide access to, and the opportunity to correct, information stored about you, in line with the National Privacy Principles.
6.2 Such access will be provided at no charge.
6.3 Please contact OnAir Solutions if you wish to access or correct informational held about you.
6.4 Information may continue to be held after our relationship with you has ceased. If you do not wish us to store information, please alert us to this, so it can be destroyed.
6.5 Certain information may need to be retained for legal or taxation reasons.
7 Identifiers (NPP7)
7.1 We may assign a unique identifier to you or your organisation, to assist as in dealing with you.
7.2 We may also require a username and password to access secure resources on our website.
7.3 Identifiers used are unique to our organisation, and comply with National Privacy Principle #7.
8 Anonymity (NPP8)
8.1 Your access to our website is anonymous when you are browsing the general areas of our site.
8.2 To allow us to provide services and products to you, we must collect basic contact information.
8.3 Additional information, such as private address or driver’s license may be required for anti-fraud measures. You do not have to provide this information, but we reserve the right not to provide products and services where we believe there is a risk in us doing so.
9 Transborder data flows (NPP9)
9.1 We do not provide your information to persons or organisations in foreign countries, except for the purposes of providing product support from international suppliers.
10 Sensitive information (NPP10)
10.1 Information we collect is of a general nature, such as name, contact numbers, Email and address.
10.2 We do not collect any information deemed to be sensitive by the National Privacy Principles.

Privacy Officer:
Paul Dengate
02 8882 7766

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