Top Arm – Microphone Arm with fluid design and on air indicator

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Articulated microphone arm with innovative design and high visual impact. The TOP ARM microphone arms was made with fluid design that can harmonize with any work environment providing ergonomic, practicality, safety and durability, causing a great visual impact in the studio.

It has injected joints in high mechanical resistance material, aluminum body tube with exclusive design and anodized treatment, spring and a high quality audio cable incorporated to the product.

To create a more practical and secure environment, was included an ON AIR LED indicator that warns the user that the microphone is “open” or in use. This indicator has a great luminosity even in very bright environments with a very low current consumption (>40mA) and can be powered with a very large rate of different voltages without any change on the LEDs luminosity (3.5V up to 24V).

The product has 3 different sizes: 19,68” (50cm), 31,49“ (80cm) and 39,37” (100cm) and 3 different colors: Gold, Silver and Black.

Product image

Product image

Besides the color options, there are two different fixing options: Bushing and Clamp. Bushing, allow to install the arm in any furniture place, however, require drilling for installation. Clamp, allows the installation without the need of drilling, but it can not be installed in central positions, only on the ends.

The TOP ARM microphone arms holds microphones up to 4,4 lbs (2kg) and has smooth  and precise movements that allow the ideal positioning in a very easy and fast way without noises.

Update your studio making it more modern and beautiful, use the new line of microphone arms – TOP ARM. Elegance and neatness!

Product image


  • Built with aluminum tubes with anodized finish in 3 different colors: gold, silver and black;
  • Injected pieces in high mechanical strength polyamide;
  • Springs and pressure system with steel cable mounted inside the product;
  • Pressure adjustment of the springs to support microphones up to 4,4 lbs (2kg);
  • High quality and exclusive audio cables with individually shielded incorporated to the product;
  • 3 different sizes: 19,68” (50cm), 31,49“ (80cm) and 39,37” (100cm);
  • Different assembly possibilities and many working angles;
  • Fluid, ergonomic and modern, drawn in a renowned professional studio design;
  • Top quality and high durability parts;
  • “ON AIR”  Microphone indicator with high brightness LED that is able to work with voltages among 3.5 to 24V with only 40mA; *¹
  • Future expansion of the accessory line with 100% compatibility;
  • 4 different models of mounting bases: Bushing, Table Clamp, Table Mount, Table Trought Mount.


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