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Media Systems and Solutions

To achieve success in the digital intermediate between the camera and the cinema or television, you need to exercise both creativity and care in the handling of high-resolution film data. Our customized solutions are designed to provide precisely what you need for your workflow to be profitable. Both the design and development of the products are based on years of know-how and expertise in the field, granting you the confidence that only comes from proven experience.

The product portfolio ranges from turnkey systems to custom storage solutions and data management tools to video boards for integration into the A/V systems of other manufacturers. Implement the Rohde & Schwarz media products to effectively optimize your workflow with high-performance technology.


Venice 2U

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The Ingest and Playout Platform

R&S®VENICE 2U is a future-ready video server for highly optimized file-based TV production workflows. R&S®VENICE 2U manages classic video server tasks such as HD-SDI ingest and studio playout combined with intelligent file-based features like file ingest, transcoding and media transfer operations. It is especially suited to facilitate content ingest and distribution as well as studio production.

  • Native support for a variety of storage connections and file systems
  • Simple integration to existing system environment by FIMS, MOS and VDCP
  • Vast selection of broadcast and production codecs out of the box
  • R&S®VENICE Remote User Interface for control of up to 12 resolution independent channels
  • Dual-destination recording to MXF & QuickTime wrappers


Venice 4K

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Ultra-High-Definition Broadcasting

R&S®VENICE 4K is a future-ready, versatile ingest and playout platform for highly efficient TV production workflows up to 4K UHD-1. R&S®VENICE 4K manages classic video server tasks such as HD-SDI ingest, studio and channel playout as well as file-based tasks such as file import, transcoding and media transfer operations.

  • Native support for a variety of storage connections and file systems
  • Simple integration to existing system environment by FIMS, MOS and VDCP
  • Vast selection of broadcast and production codecs out of the box
  • R&S®VENICE Remote User Interface for control of up to 12 resolution independent channels
  • Dual-destination recording to MXF & QuickTime wrappers


Clipster 6

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Mastering Excellence

R&S®CLIPSTER is the gold standard workstation for mastering and distributing feature films and episodic TV. R&S®CLIPSTER provides a foundation for post production vendors to build services upon.

Supporting up to 4K120p, from a wide array of professional media file formats or baseband SDI, R&S®CLIPSTER can support various stages of post production with it’s built in tools. R&S®CLIPSTER can perform conforming, VTR Emulation, Non-linear editing, real-time video processing, advanced color format transformations, and even guide operators towards a reliable delivery with output wizards to a myriad of professional formats. Create Digital Cinema Packages, Interoperable Mastering Format Packages (IMF), AS11, and AS02 packages with quality, reliability and performance in R&S®CLIPSTER. In addition to creation of files, R&S® CLIPSTER also provides rock solid video playback for QC, review and approval, or playout to tape via SDI, Displayport, and HDMI with 16 channels of embedded SDI audio or 16 channels of AES/EBU.

  • Playout up to 4K 120p RGB 12 bit
  • Ingest up to 4K 60p YUV 422 10 bit
  • Realtime Processing up to 4K 60p RGB 12 bit
  • DCI & IMF J2K Encoding up to 4K 60p RGB 12 bit
  • SDI, Displayport, HDMI display intefaces



Headend Solution for Encoding and Multiplexing

The fully integrated and highly compact R&S®AVHE100 headend solution for encoding and multiplexing minimizes complexity for terrestrial and satellite DVB systems. The innovative R&S®CrossFlowIP technology enables optimum utilization of all system components for maximum availability. It provides significantly enhanced redundancy solutions compared with conventional systems.

The R&S®AVHE100 is a highly integrated, modular system that provides the entire functionality of a headend in an extremely compact size. It combines sophisticated developments from Rohde & Schwarz with state-of-theart IT technologies. R&S®AVHE100 functionality is largely software-based, with only a few, standardized hardware modules. The headend can therefore be flexibly configured for a wide range of applications. Signal flow within the headend is fully IP-based.

The headend has an intuitive, easy-to-use headend management system (HMS) that lets users control and monitor the entire workflow via a single GUI. A fully integrated broadcast video wall (BVW) is also available for the HMS. The R&S®AVHE100 takes a unique approach to headend architecture, combining best-in-class software modules with highly reliable and compact hardware solutions to provide the industry’s first all-IP broadcast headend.

  • HD and/or SD MPEG-2/H.264 encoders
  • Statistical multiplex
  • DVB-T/DVB-T2/DVB-S/DVB-S2 network adaptation
  • SFN synchronization for DVB-T and DVB-T2 networks
  • Seamless signal switching during redundancy operation
  • Integrated smart video wall



A/V Content Monitoring & Multiviewer Solutions

In a heterogeneous world of ever growing and fast moving standards and formats for media content transport and encoding, flexibility and cost are winning factors.

R&S®PRISMON is designed from the ground up to allow broadcast and media service providers to successfully solve these challenges. It provides an innovative and versatile software-based solution for monitoring and multiviewing of audio/video content for both broadcast and streaming services. It enables visual monitoring of all service components providing highest possible picture quality and automatically detects content errors caused by playout, compression or transmission systems. Extensive protocol and interface support allows an uniform monitoring of services across various distribution networks on a single device.

  • Multi-standard/multi-protocol support for unmatched versatility (e.g. SDI, SMPTE 2022-1/2, SMPTE 2022-6, AIMS, ASPEN, OTT protocol suite, DVB)
  • Multi-application approach for playout/contribution and distribution environments on a single platform
  • Fully software-defined solution for future-proof extensibility
  • Cloud-enabled platform and orchestration-ready design for dynamic and flexible allocation of monitoring capacity


SpycerBox Ultra TL

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High Performance Nearline Storage

SpycerBox Ultra TL is based on the idea of offering you all the assets of a powerful and compact storage solution in one unit: The 4U chassis comprises a reliable and easy-to-maintain nearline storage in maximum density and is equipped with an extensive configuration tool.

  • High performance nearline for mid-term archive
  • Supports compressed formats up to 4K
  • High density with 48 disks, SAN and NAS server in 4U chassis
  • Low entry-level pricing
  • Extensive monitoring of whole infrastructure
  • Low carbon footprint


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