Leaders in the expert design and manufacture of LED luminaires, ENTTEC are a Melbourne-based company operating on a global scale. Their pioneering lighting control equipment and software is used and trusted around the clock by theatres, broadcast studios, architects and industry professionals throughout the world.

Below is a small selection of products that are available from ENTTEC. Please contact us for more information. Or visit the ENTTEC website for a full list of their products.


ENTTEC Controls DMX USB PRO Mk2 product image

The new industry standard of DMX interfaces

More next-gen features, smaller footprint. Introducing the new industry standard DMX/USB interface, PRO MK2. Control up to 1024 channels across 2 universes through one simple USB connection.

Optional MIDI connection expands your options, while the Standalone feature allows you to store your light show on-board and play it without your computer. Delays and dropouts are history, even under heavy use, thanks to a CPU six times faster than the previous generation. A machined aluminium box ensures the PRO MK2 is a durable road warrior. And its black anodised finish makes it the best-looking device in its class.

OpenDMX Ethernet Mk2

ENTTEC Controls ODE POE Mk2 product image

More powerful than ever

The new ODE POE Mk2 supports newer protocols, and offers greater options than ever before. Simple and easy to use, thanks to the built in web interface. Ready to connect and control your lights remotely.

Supports power over Ethernet. POE router or injector required, unless you add the optional 7V power supply.

Pixelator Mini

ENTTEC Controls Pixelator Mini product image

Mini version of ENTTEC’s world-leading Pixelator

Just when you thought superb Ethernet to Pixel Link conversion couldn’t get any more compact, along comes Pixelator Mini. Control up to 2720 pixels using 16 universes of Ethernet.

From the same team that brought you Pixelator, comes the ground-breaking Mini version. Compact, small, and still powerful enough to do 2720 pixels. Spectacular performance from all outputs, combined with our expertise in Pixel control. The Pixelator Mini, is the best Ethernet to Pixel converter in it’s class.

Datagate MK2

ENTTEC Controls Datagate MK2 product image

Take control of your data

Make your mark quickly and easily with the ultimate DMX management tool, Datagate MK2. Extremely powerful and flexible, it allows you to control and direct DMX distribution on advanced networked systems, including optical isolation, translating between DMX and Ethernet protocols and even playback of architectural light shows. Take control of your data like never before, and enjoy perfect results every time.

PHERO 30 RGB pixel bar

ENTTEC Lights PHERO 30 RGB pixel bar product image

Brightest Phero ever

The Phero 30 RGB pixel bar delivers the highest output in its class. Boasting blended and uniform colour along its 90-colour RGB output, the Phero 30 provides superior punch from less power.

9PDOT (string of 50)

ENTTEC Lights P9DOT1 RGB lighting string dots product image

High resolution IP67 35mm clear RGB 24V pixel dots.

Made from robust aluminium and smarter in every bit. IP67 rated, and carefully crafted, these pixel dots are great for outdoor use with an on-board thermal fuse within each dot, and weatherproof connectors at the end of the string. 24V DC input supply voltage. Each pixel supports up-to 12bit colour resolution. Which means, each pixel can achieve over 16.7 million colours with a scan frequency of up to 400Hz.

These come in a string of 50 dots (set at 125mm intervals) with connectors at each end. Can easily be extended to suit any project, big or small.

ET DX4 LED bar

ENTTEC Lights ET DX4 LED bar product image

All in one x4

The DX4 LED bar is a compact all-in-one entertainment light that really does it all — brilliantly. With outstanding high output, this 4-channel RGBW LED powerhouse offers five possible DMX personalities, built-in power supply, strobe mode, isolated DMX and RDM, and an integrated 180° hanger.





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