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Audemat provides a suite of professional monitoring and measurement tools for Radio and TV broadcasters, telecommunication operators and regulation authorities worldwide.

The Audemat portfolio includes radio frequency (RF) and data monitoring equipment and mobile field strength meters for analog and digital radio and TV, digital test and measurement equipment, audio processors, world-class RDS encoders and an extensive range of facility remote control solutions.

To complement Audemat’s hardware product line, the company also offers an extensive range of professional software solutions for the management, configuration and monitoring of broadcast networks.



Audemat FM MC5 product image

The Audemat FM MC5 is the most comprehensive and versatile measurement platform available in the world today. In the broadcast environment, it can be used as portable equipment to perform detailed monitoring within the coverage area or for static field measurements. It is also perfect for commissioning and maintaining FM equipment at the Transmitter site. In a manufacturing environment, it is a truly comprehensive tool for both R&D and production teams to perform highly accurate verification and enable quality control on the assembly line.

It offers RF scanning, mobile RF analysis and RDS Decoding, MPX analysis, signal generation (RF MPX and audio) and a multitude of other test and analysis capabilities (frequency meter, distortion meter, Spectrum analyzer and Oscilloscope). It delivers truly powerful levels of performance and accuracy while remaining easy to use and providing highly useful data is a clearly understood format.

As the pioneering force behind the emergence of the mobile measurement market and the first to develop a product that enabled in-car drive tests back in 1996, Audemat are highly-regarded in this field. Previous offerings such as the FM MC3 and FM MC4 were sold in their hundreds and became the defacto standard for several major broadcasters and regulation authorities worldwide. Now, the Audemat FM MC5 which offers several major advancements in terms of accuracy, portability and measurement capabilities, looks set to do the same for a new generation.



Audemat FMB 80 RDS Encoder product image

The world leader in RDS/RBDS, Audemat is a pioneer in this technology and has played an active role in the RDS forum since its inception. Our RDS encoders are used on every continent and are the most accepted brand throughout the world. With more than 20 years of RDS experience and over 12,000 units sold, we can guarantee our encoders will be the most efficient RDS solution for your station.

RDS stands for Radio Data System, worldwide standard (IEC 62106) to transmit information over a 57 kHz FM subcarrier. RBDS or Radio Broadcast Data System is the standard adopted in the US (NRSC-4A). This system is compatible with radio and car receivers from major manufacturers and can be used with industrial receivers for specific and proprietary applications.

The FMB80 RDS Encoder is fully compliant with the RDS/RBDS standards, supports all groups and features of the standards and offers TCP/IP connectivity.

The FMB80 can be easily connected to your automation software for automatic display of song titles, artist names and much more on receivers (if allowed by your regulation authority). The FMB80 RDS Encoder may be controlled through an embedded web server accessible through a 10BaseT Ethernet port on the unit.


FM Receiver Silver

Audemat FM Receiver Silver product image

The FM Receiver Silver is a professional FM Rebroadcast Receiver which offers great performance while remaining easily affordable for broadcasters. Designed by WorldCast Systems’ experienced R&D team, the FM Receiver Silver is capable of receiving a signal in difficult circumstances and outputting an MPX baseband or audio signal which can be used for high quality retransmission by any make of transmitter. This enables a broadcaster to provide complete coverage in shadow areas, tunnels and other “hard to reach” areas.

To provide broadcast engineers with complete peace of mind, the FM Receiver Silver will monitor RF levels and MPX deviation to establish the presence of a suitable signal and display the current status via the LED front panel. The presence of Pilot and RDS signals are also monitored and the PI code can be decoded to ensure correct program tuning. Level meters offer a visualization of the current level of audio activity.

Compatible with all makes of FM transmitters, the unit also provides a double MPX output so it can also be used in conjunction with 1+1 or Dual Drive transmitter systems.

Thanks to its IP/IO features, The FM Receiver Silver offers contact closures (GPIO) and a TCP/IP connection for remote configuration and SNMP management.


DVB-T Monitor

Audemat DVB-T Monitor product image

AUDEMAT DVB-T MONITOR (formerly known as GOLDENEAGLE DVB-T) is a powerful and professional yet affordable solution for standalone DVB-T monitoring at the transmitter site or in the coverage area. The unit sequentially monitors a set list of channels and continuously ensures that your DVB-T network complies with your expectations.

AUDEMAT DVB-T MONITOR offers innovative functions such as multi-channel monitoring (up to 20 channels + 1 x ASI input), audio/video streaming, scanning of the RF band and remote facility management.


  • 24/7 Data Tracking and access
  • Highly accurate RF Measurements
  • Full ETR290 MPEG-TS Analysis and Monitoring


  • Complete Range of Diagnostic Tools
  • Customizable Alarms and Notifications
  • Advanced Telemetry and Facility Control


  • Reduced Downtime and Engineering Visits
  • History, Trends for Protection of Network Investment
  • Monitoring, Analysis and Telemetry in a single Unit


Audemat Control

Audemat Control product image

The AUDEMAT CONTROL is a new IP-enabled remote facility control unit specifically designed to offer ease of use and maintenance. It offers a large number of input and output connections in a 1RU enclosure as well as the well-regarded ScriptEasy software for intelligent telemetry design.
A choice of convenient I/O termination panels with simple screw terminal connectors make it easy to connect to real world signals.


Monitoring and Alarm Control of equipment installed at remote sites
Very high I/O density
Powered by ScriptEasy, the smartest graphical tool in the market
Completely autonomous on-site, it can automatically react to out-of-tolerance conditions


Complete set of tools and functions to build simple or complex scripts
Flexible alarm and notification rules
User friendly and customizable web dashboard using MasterView
Fully compatible with Audemat’s Broadcast Manager as well as any SNMP Manager


24/7 data tracking and access
Reduced downtime and fewer engineering visits
Detection of degradation and interruption of service protects network investment
Audio backup for transmitter sites prevents off-air and helps mask unexpected issues


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