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Introducing MobileViewpoint

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Mobile Viewpoint is a Dutch manufacturer wholly committed to the design and manufacture of Digital IP Streaming solutions, primarily for Live Production.

While new to Australia, Mobile Viewpoint has been available for several years across Europe and has been widely accepted by broadcasters and production companies alike. Notable among them are BBC who now operate a fleet of Mobile Viewpoint units, and the EBU who firstly it awarded it Best in Class for its failover technology after extensive stress testing, then subsequently a partnering agreement where Mobile Viewpoint and EBU jointly established and supported an on line portal to allow broadcasters to go live from almost any part of the world, through the portal and onwards to the broadcasters nominated site.

On Air Solutions is now pleased to present Mobile Viewpoint systems to the Australian and New Zealand media community. Product design is rugged, clever and efficient, which is a theme that continues through the software elements of the product line, so delivering a new generation of products and technologies into the Live Streaming sector.

Unique to the Mobile Viewpoint product line up is the wide diversity of applications available, beyond regular broadcast live streaming, to include small multicamera OB applications, purpose built radio OB streaming solutions, and field applications to suit both the Pro-sumer market and lightweight high mobility applications such as a drone solution.

Learn more about MobileViewpoint at our product page



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