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RiverSilica Technologies is working on the frontiers of solutions for IP video delivery and acceleration. They provide end-to-end IP video delivery solutions applicable for media, business, education and government entities. Based in Bangalore, India, Riversilica is founded by entrepreneurs possessing vast knowledge and experience in video processing. They are backed by a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers, who have a deep understanding of video delivery infrastructure. Together, they have a goal to build video delivery solutions for the next generation of communication and video distribution technologies.

RiverSilica’s software defined video processing, with its innumerable customizable features is ready to fit in to any IP Video workflow seamlessly. RiverSilica products can cover a complete range of IP video solutions. From the contribution of video to the recording and management of media assets, through to the publication and distribution of video content to your audiences, regardless of location or device.

Below is a small selection of products that are available from RiverSilica. Please contact us for more information. Or visit the RiverSilica website for a full list of their products.

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For All-in-one IP Video work flow solutions

PIXFIX Versa the All-in-one Software defined video processor can effectively Encode, Transcode, Decode, Store, Stream, Multiplex, Mix, Play etc., The highly Versatile and ultra-flexible product fits and morphs in to required IP work flow dynamically. Embedded with RiverSilica’s PIXABIT™, PIXMAX™ technologies based on state of the art video algorithms, the product delivers both broadcast and OTT solutions under the same hood.

Capable of taking multiple inputs and multiple formats – Versa delivers simultaneous processing of video assets across Live and File, archives and streams as an all-in-one solution. The single pipeline feature offers the customer an end to end solution for integrated IP work flow. It is flexible enough to configure for an intended work flow today and to adapt to another workflow later- Versa adapts as you wish. With PIXFIX Versa, you are sure to be on the right path of fastest ROI and lowest TCO


Encoding and Transcoding

If the need is for live on premise entry level or Enterprise class Encoding/Transcoding, PIXFIX Flex comes with enough power to Broadcast, CDN/TELCO and Corporate markets, by delivering the industry’s Ultra flexible and best in class cost per stream infrastructure for multiscreen applications. These Encoders/Transcoders have RiverSilica’s patented RAFT™,SAND™ and HELM™ algorithms, which provide intelligent video optimization and flexible live work flow for quality conscious customers. PIXFIX Flex derives its flexibility from its state of the art software defined video processing.

Capable of taking multiple types of inputs and multiple formats- PIXFIX Flex delivers live Multi bit rate video with popular CDN support, for quality conscious customers. PIXFIX Flex can power from entry level enterprise to dense juggernaut needs with its flexible EL and HE Chassis. In combination with PIXFIX Streama, the solution delivers OTT work flow with mezzanine formats and DRM for the customers for their monetization needs.

PIXFIX Streama

Stitching in your streaming needs

PIXFIX Streama helps you to stitch in the complete work flow by aiding in multiscreen delivery across on premise infrastructure. Count on PIXFIX Streama if you are looking for delivery formats like HLS, HDS, DASH etc., and if you are looking for support for Multi DRM for monetization needs. Based on number of subscribers and bit rate needs, the product is available flexibly on multiple flavours of hardware.


File to File workflow

PIXFIX Statix product line offers best in class off-line transcoding solution for multi codec, multi format, multi bit rate for any of the file re-shaping needs. This software based solution delivers assets for your on-demand use and seamlessly fits in to the work flow. The flexibility helps in choosing your needs for a low to high volume work flow needs with its available HW infrastructure.

PIXFIX Statix is superfast, high performance file based transcoding solution for broadcasters, CDN operators and enterprise to traditional and new media platforms. Whether it is low or high volume file transcoding needs, PIXIFIX Statix offers across the board features for the best in class TCO and gives all round product flexibility for multi codec, multi format, multi bit rate reshaping solutions.


Content manage and deliver on campus

PIXFIX Local multi tasks by archiving live video, content manages, organizes, logs, genre tags , cloud syncs and delivers video in the INTRANET network. This unique product combines with PIXFIX Flex to deliver LIVE and STORED video across INTRANETS. This most sought after solution for education and corporate market, helps in saving the network overhead and helps in delivering private on premise content.


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