Live video over bonded 3G and 4G. Anywhere and anytime.

Mobile Viewpoint manufactures adaptive video encoders using single or multiplexed 3G and 4G connections. By bundling multiple (mobile) connections together it is possible to create a connection with higher, reliable and more stable bandwidth. Dedicated IP encoding and decoding appliances, using Mobile Viewpoint’s award-winning technology offering a cost-effective solution that provides live video connections regardless of your location. Using 3G and 4G mobile networks, you can go live immediately from anywhere without needing a satellite uplink. You can also send high-volume data through high speed FTP connections on location, making this the best and cost-effective way to reach your target audience.

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Wearable ruggedized transmitter from our partner Connected IP

The LiveLink H.265 is the new wearable ruggedized transmitter that encodes video at H.265/HEVC and bonds 8 combined 3G/4G connections for high quality live streaming using Mobile Viewpoint award winning bonding technology. H.265 live video transmission offers the same quality at lower bandwidth consumption, enabling 4K live content, but also saves money at data cards. It is also possible to add Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections to maximize the upload capacity. Other benefits are the ruggedized, aluminium casing, the integrated antenna of the system and the roaming SIM-cards build in. It can be used in newly designed backpack or as a camera mounted model.


WMT Expert 4C

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Transmitter with H.265 and Multicam in one backpack solution

The WMT EXPERT 4C is the first bonded transmitter that encodes 4 streams at the same time and unleashes the long time promised full remote production. With the Expert 4CAM it is possible to do multi camera shoots without the need of a OB van on site. The EXPERT 4CAM supports both H.265 and H.264 encoding to insure an end to end compliancy using standard based decoders or IRD’s. Besides IFB the Expert provides a return data signal to do remotely camera control for white balance and color correction. The WMT offers, beside the live option, also a recording feature which records the video on the internal solid state disk. The recordings are transferred using the store and forward mode providing the highest quality possible.


Flex O

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The FLEX O Server can receive and decode up to 4 FLEX streams simultaneously. The FLEX O Server receives these streams through a normal Ethernet connection. The WMT FLEX O Server then turns the signal into SDI with embedded audio. The FLEX O is available in 4 models, Single decodes 1 Transmitter, FLEX O2 decodes 2 Transmitters simultaneously, FLEX O3 decodes 3 Transmitters simultaneously and FLEX O4 which decodes 4 Transmitters simultaneously.



Flex WiiO

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The FLEX WiiO encoder is a 19 inch 2U high system with 8 modems and two Ethernet connections. One for management purposes and one for connection with the public internet. The system supports both DHCP and fixed IP number conguration via the front LCD panel.



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The PostPlatform is the new solution for realtime editing of proxy fields and contains the PostLink unit and the PostHub software. If you are out in the field shooting news or other time-sensitive content, you can transfer files wireless with the PostLink unit. So there is no need to wait for the delivery of physical media. The receiving server gets a high resolution edit file from the original source, with all the original audio, video and metadata, based on the EDL. The PostLink unit in cooperation with the PostHub software automates the offline production of content, transferring real time proxy files and high res fragments based on edit lists. PostLink uses bonded wireless networks to transfer the low res files to the backend editing systems. The PostLink is designed to integrate with AVID systems, but is now compatible with more post production applications. The interface of the PostHub is based on the well-known XDCAM cam packaging structure and EDL file lists.


Streamur App

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Stream live with your own device

The app is designed for mobile journalists (MoJos) and professional video contributors, and is ideal for covering breaking news,interviews, and live events.Our Streamur app turns an iPhones into a perfect tool to get stories on air fast. We offer applications to stream live using your MacBook, iPhone and device. Simply install the app and login to the Webstreamur platform. You can either use the onboard camera of your device or connect an external camera such as a GoPro. Click on the Live button and the live stream will start automatically using the available connections on your device.


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